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 Adkins Hill Rd
 Aluma Valley Dr
 Briton Rd
 Carter Dr
 Centennial Expy
 Dr Wk Jackson
 Edmond Rd
 Flood Ave
 Grand Blvd
 Grand Blvd SE
 i-44 Northside
 i-44 Southside
 Indian Hills Rd
 John Kilpatrick
 Lindsey St
 Main St
 Main St Northside
 Main St Southside
 Memorial Dr
 Robinson St
 Rock Creek Rd
 Southwest Expy
 Tecumseh Rd
 Tinker Diag
 4th St
 4th St
 5th St
 9 Hwy
 10th St
 12th St
 15th St
 15th St
 19th St
 23rd St
 25th St
 27th St
 29th St
 33rd St
 36th St
 40 Hwy
 44 Hwy Northside
 44 Hwy Southside
 44th St
 50th St
 51st St
 59th St
 66th St
 78th St
 82nd St
 89th St
 108th St
 122nd St
 240 Hwy
 270 Hwy
 280th St

Interstate 35 Oklahoma City Traffic

ALERT: Travel advisory for i-35 in S. Oklahoma ...

i-35 Oklahoma City Traffic ...

Traffic map on page load is centered on i-35 in OKC at the Oklahoma River Bridge ...
use elevation controls to zoom map ...
See i-35 OKC News below ...

i-35 Oklahoma City News ...

i-35 Oklahoma City Map ...

Interstate 35 Oklahoma City Map
The i-35 in the Oklahoma City area is one of the major interstate highway routes and traffic corridors that travels thru the metro Oklahoma City region.

The i-35 travels generally in a North-South direction thru the Metro the OKC area.

The map above shows the i-35 in the Oklahoma City area (highlighted in pink) where it travels through the metro Oklahoma City area.

The map below shows the i-35 exit off-ramp locations in the Oklahoma City area...

Interstate 35 Oklahoma City Exit Map

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